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Our Curriculum

On this page you can read about our Early Years Curriculum and our Key Stage 1 Curriculum. 

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Intent

We offer rich and vibrant opportunities which draw upon meaningful real-life experiences. The curriculum is designed so that it is ambitious for all learners. Knowledge, skills and concepts are clearly outlined in an age-appropriate and progressive way in Key Stage 1 so that the children’s understanding is extended, year upon year.


Curriculum Impact

At Buttsbury we strive for all pupils to achieve their maximum potential, by having high expectations and excellent standards. We achieve excellent results in terms of academic success. Children make good progress from Foundation Stage and, by the end of Key Stage One, achieve above national and local results. Our stimulating curriculum teaches core skills in English, maths and science whilst actively promoting all other curriculum areas. It is reassuring for parents to know that we have a proven track record of supporting children successfully to meet their full potential across the curriculum.

Our children enjoy lessons and we believe this early love of learning stimulates children to become life-long learners and problem solvers.

We encourage a healthy growth mindset by promoting social skills including good manners, resilience, perseverance, self-awareness, consideration and cooperation. The curriculum supports children to become fantastic role models and the very best version of themselves.

Monitoring Impact of the curriculum

At Buttsbury, teachers use assessment strategies in every lesson which helps the teacher plan the next steps to be taught. At the end of each term, assessment data is gathered and progress is carefully monitored and interventions are put in place to close the gap or further challenge learning. Children are expected to make good or better progress in all subjects. Parents are regularly updated about their child’s progress with the school working closely in partnership with parents/carers to work towards the best possible outcomes for the children.

Please click on the link for the Year 1 Curriculum Plans /essex/primary/buttsbury-inf/arenas/websitecontent/web/year1curriculummapsjuly2020.docx

Please click on the link for the Year 2 Curriculum Plans /essex/primary/buttsbury-inf/arenas/websitecontent/web/year2curriculummapjuly2020.docx

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