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Headteacher -  Mrs S. Haskins
Deputy Headteacher -  Miss C. Smith


Class One
Miss V Thomason - Class Teacher
Mrs T Turner / Mrs A McGowan − LSA
Mrs A Powderly - LSA
Mrs K Covell - MDA

Class Two
Miss C Jones - Class Teacher
Mrs N Weston− LSA, Mrs M Nunney - LSA and MDA
Mrs L Dmitrieva − MDA



Class Three
Miss S Hayes - Class Teacher
Mrs C Hayhow / Mrs J Sullivan − LSA
Mrs N Bishop - MDA

Class Four
Mrs S Caldecott - Foundation Group Leader and Class Teacher
Mrs D Elliott/ Mrs A Powderly- LSA
Mrs J Neal- LSA, Mrs F Fitch - LSA
Mrs S Lock and Mrs P Offer - MDA

Outside reception area / PPA Cover
Mrs A Powderly - LSA

Year 1

Class Five
Mrs L Mead- Class Teacher
   Mrs J King - LSA,
Mrs A Powderly - LSA, Mrs A McGowan - LSA
Mrs L Martin and Mrs W Fenton− MDA

Class Six
Miss L Barrett - Class Teacher
Mrs C Wells - HLTA
Mrs D Forsyth- LSA
Mrs C Wells− MDA



Class Seven
Miss C Coppin - Class Teacher
Mrs A Crossley - LSA, Mrs M Michaels − LSA, Mrs A Garrett LSA and MDA, Mrs J Neal-LSA
 Mrs C Neale− MDA

Class Eight
Mrs S Harris Key - Stage 1 Phase Leader and  Class Teacher
Mrs G O'Malley - HLTA
Mrs L Stanford and Miss K Jones − MDA


Year 2

Class Nine
Mrs C Attwood/ Mrs K Goddard - Class Teachers
Mrs L Wiles- LSA
Mrs H Emberson− LSA and MDA
Mrs S Poole / Mrs N Lepper − MDA

Class Ten
Mrs C Johnson - Class Teacher
Mrs S Smith − LSA
Mrs G Robinson − MDA


Class Eleven
Mr J Payne - Class Teacher
Mrs L Wiles - LSA
Mrs D Spencer- LSA, Mrs L Tinker - LSA,
Mrs D Spencer− MDA
Mrs T Sturgeon and Mrs M Domien - MDA

Class Twelve
Miss L Woollard - Class Teacher
Mrs A Hughes - LSA
Mrs F Fitch/ Mrs P Browning - LSA
Mrs A Hughes − MDA

PPA (Planning, Preparation, Assessment) Cover

Mrs K Cogger − Class Teacher
Mrs F Mills − Class Teacher
Mrs L Macklin − HLTA

Hall based Midday Assistants

Mrs K Angliss

Mrs A Collier

Mrs L Gurnett

Mrs S Hadley

Mrs J Kelly

Mrs E Stanford

Mrs M Undrill

Mrs C Wragg

Site Maintenance

Mr B Clarke − Site Manager
Mrs T Stewart − Cleaner      Mr D Ellis - Cleaner


Special Needs

Miss C Smith- Special Needs Coordinator
Mrs C Jones - Pupil support
Mrs C Theobald − LSA


Mrs J Ward − Business Manager
Mrs K Marven − Office Coordinator
Mrs D Phillips− Admissions and Attendance Officer
Mrs G Parnaby− Welfare and Administration Assistant


MrsT Burrett− Cook
Mrs N Overton− Assistant Cook
Mrs C Bohannan − Catering Assistant 
Mrs J Fernandez - Catering Assistant
Mrs V Wakerly - Catering Assistant
Mrs J Krishnan - Catering Assistant
Miss K Hackett - Catering Assistant
Mrs H Gregory - Catering Assistant


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