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School Development Plan Summary for Parents 2019


Buttsbury Infant School vision statement February 2014: “Where every child is inspired to achieve their potential in a happy and safe community.”
Our Values
At Buttsbury Infant School we believe that the following core values are intrinsic to making Buttsbury such a special place to work and learn:
• Learning needs to be fun; if children are having fun then they will remember and want to learn more.
• We are fully inclusive; we want all children and staff to succeed.
• We want all children and staff: to know that they are valued and be happy, healthy and safe, to believe in themselves and their ability to learn, to be motivated to learn, to be confident users of modern technology and to be ambassadors for the school and the community with a respect for all demonstrated through excellent manners.
We are always trying to make our school better and each year the staff, Governors and children discuss how we can do this. From our discussions, we write a School Development Plan.
Key successes in 2018-19 from our previous development plan
• Creation of a strategic plan to support the staff and Governing Body members to sustain the development of Buttsbury Infant School and its wider role in the Billericay Teaching School Alliance with a longer term, five-year focus.
• Development of a school-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) culture evidenced in leadership team and governor monitoring.
• Continued development of the roles of the Headteacher as a National Leader of Education and the four Specialist Leaders of Education within and beyond the Billericay Teaching School Alliance, including training and support for the next generation of teachers and school leaders.
• An increasingly robust approach to teacher assessment across the school through data drops promotes targeted support for pupils at risk of not reaching age related expectations and those capable of working at greater depth. A strategic response to in-year assessments and end of key stage data outcomes over the last two years has enabled us to:
o Increase the percentage of pupils assessed as working at a Good Level of Development at the end of the reception year by 5.7% over two years
o Improve year 1 phonics check results: 10.9% more pupils were working at the expected level in phonics relative to the previous cohort through use of intervention programmes and changes to curriculum delivery.
o Sustain pupil attainment at expected and above at the end of Key Stage 1 relative to the national picture. In 2017-18, 76.2% of our year 2 cohort were working at the expected level or better in reading, writing and maths combined, relative to 64.9% of pupils nationally.

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