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Duck Cam

Our live feed has now ended as the ducklings have gone back to the farm. We hope you enjoyed watching their progress.

Click on the video links below to watch recordings of our ducklings hatching or bathing.

The time of arrival of our first duckling was 6.23am on 23rd March.

Duckling two arrived at 11.32am on Thursday, 23rd March, to a round of applause from the children who were watching it unfold. Duckling one couldn't wait to meet it's new friend!

Duckling three arrived at 1.54pm on Thursday 23rd March but was camera shy, duckling four arrived overnight and duckling five was the last to arrive at around 8.10am on Friday 24th March.

A second group of duck eggs were hatching off camera, nine ducklings have hatched and have now been put together.

The ducklings had their second bath on Tuesday 28th March and have taken to it literally 'like ducks to water!'

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