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School Meals Survey 2016

In July 2016 we asked children and parents to complete a survey to enable us to continue to enhance our school meals provision.

Click here for the results of the survey where children always have a school meal.

Click here for the results of the survey where children sometimes have a school meal.

Click here for a summary of the results of the survey.

Action the school has taken as a result of this survey.

The results clearly show that on the whole, children and parents are happy with the quality of food and the overall lunchtime provision.

The results show that children are mainly unhappy about:

  • the length of time they have to queue
  • who they sit next to at lunchtime
  • how much food they get and a choice of meals

We have already been working on our systems and procedures and have out in place a new procedure that is reducing queuing time for children.

There are some restrictions on where the children sit as we do have our children with dietary needs etc. at the front of the queue to ensure they get the correct meal

We will be working with our Lead Midday to create some flexibility allowing the children more freedom of who they sit with within their class starting after October half term.

Our portion sizes are set using the guides from the School Food Standards but we will review them and make sure our children are getting the correct amount.

The balance of the food groups on the menu are also dictated by the School Food Standards, as are rules regarding the serving of squash, chocolate and salt.

Some children and parents asked for a choice of meals at lunchtime such as a jacket potato or baguette. This would be very difficult to achieve given the time we have for lunch, the number of children we serve and the space in the servery. 

For those parents dissatisfied about not knowing how much food their child has eaten:

Currently our Midday Assistants do inform the class teacher if a child has not eaten much of their dinner or is regularly a poor eater.  We will work with our Midday team to see what we can do to communicate more information to parents if we have concerns.

We updated our menu for our return in September and have removed Chicken Wraps and the Jacket Potato option. We have replaced these with Beef Tacos and Brazilian Tomato Spaghetti (after the success of our Olympic themed lunch) and Chicken Fillet in a Brioche Bun.

Our menus are regularly revised in response to feedback and we do/ have included dishes suggested, such as curries, chillies and dishes with more herbs and spices. In our experience, over time, these meals have not always proven popular with children and we will therefore continue with our system of removing the least popular dish and trying something new.

We constantly review our catering provision and continue to focus on the other comments made so that we can make further improvements.

Thank you to parents for your time in completing this survey and helping us to make our school meals even better!





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